What is Coding?


What is Coding?

What exactly is coding? This question may have entered your mind, if you are interested in learning more about computer programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, Ruby, etc. If that is so, then the first thing that you need to do is to understand what exactly is coding. In simple terms, computer programming is the creative process of building and designing an executable machine code or to do a certain task or to achieve a particular goal. All the languages mentioned above can be considered as forms of coding. A programmer writes computer code in a form of a program.

Programming language plays a significant role in software engineering and mobile application development as well. These days, programming languages like Java, ASP, PHP and XML are widely used by developers. Programming languages are often used for software packaging and diagnosing problems in websites. Moreover, mobile app development is also based on these coding languages. In other words, we can say that coding is used to write a series of instructions or commands to a computer program, which is then executed or performed.

Nowadays, computers are programmed in a wide variety of ways. Therefore, programmers writing programs and technicians decoding the generated computer code are in great demand. Besides, computer code is used for developing mobile applications and web applications. So, understanding coding is essential for programmers and software engineers in order to develop quality apps.

As mentioned earlier, coding involves not only a series of instructions or a series of commands to a computer but also involves a series of human language. As mentioned earlier, programmers and technicians decode computer code through a series of human languages. For instance, appending codes to an app does not mean that it is writing a human language. However, when it comes to mobile devices such as phones, it is not possible to understand coding in its entirety.

In addition, even computer programmers and technicians are unable to interpret the meaning of all symbols in the source code. It is not possible for them to analyze each symbol individually. Even after studying programming languages such as C/C++, Java, Ruby, Python etc., programmers and technicians are still unable to translate the code according to its real meaning. In short, coding involves a series of non-understandable symbols. Therefore, even if computer programmers and technicians are capable of reading and interpreting machine codes, they still cannot perform different kinds of calculations accurately.

So, in order to make programs and understand codes better human language is used for describing and explaining the real meaning of codes. On the other hand, coding is used to translate instructions and generates results automatically. Therefore, coding can be categorized as being more involved than programming.