News Tech Innovation – Flash and Silverlight Technology

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News Tech Innovation – Flash and Silverlight Technology

The first edition of the new Powerpacked Newsroom feature was launched recently. The aim is to create a comprehensive source of information about the most happening topics of the day by focusing on relevant, engaging segments of the population – from the professionals to the common man. It was established by Jason Zuckerman, Managing Editor of Digital Playground Media, and Michael Nelson, Executive Vice-President of Newswire Media Group. The newsroom segment of the website features a unique combination of video news and feature stories. It presents concise summaries of important business stories from all over the world.

As a part of the new technologies initiative from Microsoft Research, News Tech is a joint project between Microsoft Research, VSI Group, and Adobe Systems, Incorporated. This project aims at developing user friendly interactive portals for the masses. This would involve a lot of work for the new technologies like Internet Explorer and the browser based on Silverlight. NewsTech will combine these technologies in order to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for its audience.

“The goal is to make the browsing experience on the Internet much more dynamic and interactive for everyone. We believe that delivering fast, relevant, and up-to-date news to the masses using the new technologies like Flash and Silverlight will help us reach more customers,” says Zuckerman. “The new technologies we’re using here at NewsTech will enable us to deliver our news directly to more local audiences with better interactive capabilities and a more personal touch.” This move will help news organizations to reach more local populations in their respective regions.

The team behind the new technologies has made sure that the technology will work in sync with the existing news operations. “The new technologies we’re introducing here at NewsTech will enable us to bring the news directly to consumers on demand, without having to change the format of the news show at any point in the process,” says Zuckerman. “The end result is a seamless transition between news, social media, and entertainment for the local news operations.” The integration of flash onto the web site will allow for fast loading of stories and videos on air.

Flash and Silverlight will also help news organizations to streamline their workflow and increase the organization’s productivity by reducing errors. These new technologies are designed to increase the flow of information from the desks of newsroom employees and deliver it to their viewers in real-time through video streaming. Flash will help news organizations to create dynamic visuals and short clips that can be easily shared on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. These newsrooms will be able to deliver this information directly to their viewers. “Social media is a great way for new companies to get the word out about events, upcoming stories, and even celebrity news,” says Zuckerman.

“One of the biggest trends across industries right now is the increased use of mobile devices for conducting business,” says Pam Hendrixson, VP of Product Management at Vizrt. “Vizrt saw a significant increase in the amount of traffic coming to its apps. Many news organizations have been using Vizrt to manage their workflow, reduce costs, and streamline communication with their news consumers.” “As more news organizations make the transition to mobile, it is critical that newsroom staff are trained in the newest technologies that are making the process easier and more cost-effective,” adds Zuckerman. “The team at Vizrt is responsible for developing cutting-edge mobile devices and tools that will help news organizations succeed in the digital age.”