Progammer: Should You Hire One?


Progammer: Should You Hire One?

A person’s career can be quite cluttered with all the various tasks that need to be taken care of. He/She will have to complete the projects as per the deadlines set by the organization and he/she has to keep a tab on the productivity levels of his team members as well. To make matters worse, there could be problems like misunderstandings, confusion and wrong deadlines due to which the output turns out to be lower than expected. In such a scenario, it is a great idea to hire the services of a professional team leader/man in order to clear out the clutter and churn out something acceptable. How can you find a qualified Progammer for your organization? Follow these steps:

Do some homework: It is important to do a little bit of homework before you actually hire a progammer or a coder. You should go through the job description and select some basic skills that you want your coder or progammer to possess. Check out for some relevant samples from different agencies so that you are not stuck with the same coding problem statement or specifications. It would also help you narrow down your search so as to cut down on the number of candidates who apply for the position. With the help of this simple exercise, you can find the best coder and programmer hiring process.

Look at their portfolio: It is important to scrutinize the work history and the experience of the coder or the progammer. Most often, organizations prefer to hire those coders and programmers who have significant experience in the field. On the other hand, if you are looking for an independent coder and one who can work independently, you should look for one who has worked on the same software development project that you are working on. This way, you can be sure of getting an independent view and not the perspective of a coder who may be working on the same coding problem statement for your organization. In fact, most often it is more productive to hire an independent coder than to leave the programming language design and coding up to a single developer.

Communicate your needs and wants: You should talk to your potential coder about your requirements and goals. It is also important to identify what you exactly need from them so that you get exactly what you want. Asking for too much too soon will only yield unsatisfactory results. However, communicating your needs and wants early on can make it easier for you to find a programmer or a developer who can meet these requirements. For instance, visual basic programming language developers are aware of the fact that they might have to extend their service in order to accommodate future business demands, and hence they make it a point to communicate their requirements early.

Consider hiring a full-time employee: Instead of hiring a contractor who may quit halfway through the project, it would be more practical to hire a full-time programmer. This way, you do not have to waste money and manpower resources on hiring and training a contractor every now and then. The initial cost and recruitment costs will be considerably less, and you will be getting a consistent and reliable programmer who can deliver what you expect of him. However, you should not overlook the possibility that you might still encounter some challenges while you are working with a contract employee. The good news is that hiring a contractor is considerably cheaper than hiring a full-time employee. So, if you do not have to spend a lot on hiring an in-house programmer, go for the full-time option.

Hire a programming recruitment agency to take care of the entire recruitment process: If hiring a contractor does not work out, or if you would rather work independently, then you should consider hiring a programming recruitment agency. These agencies offer a wide range of services, including sourcing companies and independent contractors who can meet your critical benefits and critical drawbacks. They can help you save costs and time, and can ensure that your programming projects are completed on time and within budget. However, there are certain critical drawbacks of hiring a recruitment agency.