Info Technology (IT) Jobs

The term “Info Tech” was coined by a group of computer consultants in 1990. Info Tech is actually the collective term for many computer related terms and concepts. Information technology is the total sum of any technical skills, techniques, or methods utilized in the creation of products or services, or in the achievement of specific objectives, like scientific research. In the broadest sense, the term “Info Technology” covers any system used to store, manipulate, analyze, transmit, control, or protect information. Today, “info technology” has come to encompass a much broader field, encompassing computer systems, computer networks, software, Internet information systems, digital signal processing, and networking. The job of an Info Tech is much more complex than a traditional “computer technician”.

info tech

Info Techs are computer technicians who perform the function of Information Technology specialists. This includes network engineers, computer software designers, network support technicians, security engineers, network administrators, network troubleshooters, and network maintenance professionals. Their primary task is to diagnose, design, install, repair, monitor, and optimize the various systems that support the information technology enterprise. They use specialized devices like desktop and laptop computers, mainframe computers, personal computer, network devices, and electronic information systems to accomplish their mission.

While most Info Technicians have a bachelor’s degree in electronics and information technology, some also have degrees in other disciplines, including computer science, math, physics, and electrical engineering. Most work in industry specific areas, manufacturing, and government, but are increasingly present in non-traditional offices and business sectors. Employees of Info Techs are primarily responsible for maintaining the systems that interface with customers and provide them with services. These systems include networks, storage media, computer systems, client servers, client-server applications, and servers. Many Info Techs work in Information Technology departments because they are good candidates for system designers, whom they complement.

Some of the tasks typical done by an Info Tech are diagnosing problems, designing solutions, programming, implementing solutions, and maintaining the systems used to provide customers with services. Diagnostic Testing is one of the most important aspects of an Info Tech career. This is where technicians test a computer or other network system to determine the cause of a problem before a fix is made. Designers are responsible for designing the hardware and operating systems necessary to support a particular application.

Programmers are responsible for creating the programs necessary to allow a computer to communicate with external information systems. Security engineers are charged with protecting data and systems from unauthorized use. Network support technicians help IT administrators and network technicians deal with problems of local interconnections and wiring. Wireless LAN service technicians help connect various computer networks with each other and with other information technologies. Network maintenance technicians deal with repairing, upgrading, and installing networks.

Info Tech jobs are available in nearly every business type and in most every location, as long as an IT department exists. As technology changes, so does the need for qualified technicians to deal with the changes. In an Info Tech position you will be responsible for solving many problems. But your primary focus is on providing reliable and customer-friendly service. You can find information on more specific job duties and qualifications on the CISA website.