What is Web Coding? How Does It Work?

Codes are the codes that make the computer programs work. There is a lot of terminology and different terms used in the computer world but I am not really going to get into that here. It would probably be better if you learnt it by heart from a book. The main purpose of the human mind is to convert thoughts into language and this is done by using words, numbers, images and so on. In other words it is our brain that does all this stuff.


There are two main phases in programming, the beginning and the end. Computer programming is the procedure of constructing and designing an executable software or a set of programs to do a certain job or to achieve a particular result. The other part is coding and this is where the hard core technical coder stuffs is involved.

Most programming languages are simple text based, meaning that the programmer has to use a text editor and enter the required codes to make the program work. Today there are many software’s and softwares available which help in automatically generating the needed codes when we type or save a particular data in the computer. Most of these coding tools are available free online for anyone who wishes to try them out.

The beauty of the automatic generation of coding is that all the programming languages used by programmers can now be generated automatically by a machine code preprocessor that runs inside the computer. Almost all the computers today including mobile phones and net books have such machines. This technology of automatic generation of coding has made the jobs of programmers and coders much easier and less time consuming.

Web developers also use web coding languages to make their job easier and simpler. It is not mandatory to learn computer programming languages to become a web developer. However, most of the big companies prefer hiring web developers with some knowledge of coding because web developers are more involved in the real life activities related to websites. There are many software’s and softwares available that can make your work as a web developer much easier than what it otherwise would be.

Many computer programmers use different programming languages for various reasons. Some of these reasons are cost effectiveness, flexibility and easiness to learn the different programming languages. Since the advent of the internet, web coding has become much easier. There are many companies that have outsourced their website development work to companies that provide web developers with the expertise they need to create unique and attractive sites.