Web Designers Vs Web Developers

Web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of web sites. The different fields of web design focus on various aspects of web site development, such as user interface (UI) design, web graphic design, content management, and programming. Web design includes aesthetic concepts that allow the site to be easily navigated by users.

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There are many differences between web designers and web programmers. The main difference between these two professionals is that web designers are tasked to think about how a site will be used by the end user, whereas programmers are tasked with coding everything that goes on a web site. A web designer also has to use math, science, and other information systems to create a site and is usually required to implement problem solving processes along the way.

While the web design and web developer share some similarities, they also have some very different skill sets. A web designer creates the entire appearance and functionality of the website using a combination of art and technology. While a web developer uses his programming skills to create code that will run the website.

Web designers have to think about the usability of the website through the various elements of interaction design. Interaction design pertains to the visual design of a web page using items such as text boxes, buttons, images, and other elements. Users need to be able to interact with the website in order to make an intelligent decision regarding the contents. Many business owners hire web designers and developers because it takes more than just designing a website to get a visitor to return.

Web designers are usually educated in the technical aspects of the creation of a website. However, there are some web designers who also have degrees in art or other fields that focus on typography. These designers use typography to affect the emotions a customer feels when they are on the website. For example, some designers will place red under certain sections of a webpage in order to get the customer to click on it. On the other hand, emotional design is used in order to make a person feel happier or more comfortable while they are on the website.

Both web designers and web developers have to work together in order to make the website as functional as possible. The use of text links and images in the website is essential. Web developers use programming languages such as HTML and CSS in order to construct the layout of the page and the information that will be displayed. On the other hand, web designers need to use a variety of images, photos, and clip arts in order to enhance the appearance of the webpage. Often, web designers and web developers will collaborate in order to achieve the best results.