How Coding Works

The terms computer programming and coding do not have a similar meaning. In fact, the two are completely different fields of expertise. Computer programming is basically the art of creating and organizing an executable machine code that does something, be it to solve a particular problem or to carry out a certain activity. It can be used in all sorts of areas of programming, including web programming, operating systems programming, database programming, and more. On the other hand, coding refers to a set of instructions given to the computer to carry out a particular task.


There are many places where these two fields of expertise meet. For example, computer programmers must create a series of instructions, which they then execute in a machine to produce a result. On the other hand, high-level languages allow computer programmers to create higher-level programs, but these need to be translated into a series of lower-level instructions. These language designs are essential for implementing different programming languages.

Both coding and programming language are necessary for web developers and designers. Web developers help create dynamic web pages by using HTML or XHTML codes along with CSS and JavaScript codes. Meanwhile, designers use CSS and JavaScript to style web pages. They use these high-level languages to determine the appearance and functionality of the website.

However, when it comes to app development, coding works in conjunction with the language used to construct the apps. The apps themselves are written in high-level languages, but they need to be translated into a series of low-level codes for use by computer programmers and web developers. This is how the two work together. This is also how coding works when it comes to creating and maintaining apps for mobile devices.

Some companies also use coding instead of regular English typing to create apps. This means they use a series of abbreviations and symbols in their coding to make the meaning of the code clear and understandable to computers. For instance, they might type the word “apple” instead of the more commonly used “A”. This helps computers understand what the programmer is trying to say. Computers are very good at recognizing symbols, numbers, and words, which is why so many business owners choose to write their apps in foreign languages. By using coding, they can save a lot of time that would otherwise have gone to translation.

While computer coding has developed into its current form over the past century, there are still a lot of people who are unfamiliar with it. Luckily, the Internet provides plenty of tutorials to help people learn more about computer coding. There are even courses and free books that explain the basics of computer coding. With this information, anyone can become familiar with the basic terms used in coding and create simple apps that fit their needs.