An Introduction to Coding


An Introduction to Coding

In order to explain what is coding there are first three definitions that will be helpful for the learners. Coding refers to the arrangement of characters (text, numeric, symbols or other alphabets) on a computer-readable form. The arrangement must be in a sequential manner that can be understood by a computer. Computer programming is the art of arranging and building an algorithm or a program to do a certain task or to achieve a certain end result.

The combination of these two areas, computer science and programming language has led to the development of different coding languages that can be used by programmers and developers to solve the given problems. These software applications are written in high-level languages such as C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby and many more. Web development in turn is related with web programming languages. A website usually consists of various pages, files and interactive elements that need to be included into the website in the right order in order to make it attractive and functional. A website developer uses coding languages to put all these things in their proper place in order to have a website that visitors will find useful and interesting.

Examples of popular coding languages include HTML, CSS, ASP, Perl, PHP, Java C/C++ and more. Some of the languages even combine programming languages. JavaScript and Ajax are examples of web-scripting codes. On the other hand, coding works with HTML in order to build hyper text driven websites.

Another classification of coding is based on the method of instruction. Instructional coding means that the instructions are given either for a specific output or an output that can be interpreted by computers. For example, if we say that we are looking for an array of numbers and we type the number ‘three’ into our browser, then the browser will give us a list of possible arrays with ‘three’ as the index into the array. The computer can then interpret this list into a meaningful value, which is the number we types in our input box.

In the field of information technology, the most commonly used coding language is Python code. It is a form of machine-programming language that enables computer software developers to create interactive applications and computer programs from a series of instructions that run on a computer. This is also the language used to build web servers. Some other widely used coding languages are C#, PHP, Perl, Pearl, and more. However, the use of coding language depends on the nature of problem-solving.

The importance of coding in the modern world cannot be denied. Today, a lot of business enterprises as well as ordinary computers use coding language in order to store and retrieve information, manipulate it, and communicate it. A major portion of the tasks that computers perform is related to the management and storage of information. It makes Internet browsing more interesting, interactive, and convenient.