2007 CIO Newstech Conferences

This coming June the Annual NY Conference on Digital Interactive Games and Entertainment (NYC DIGE) will take place in New York City. The agenda for this two day event is filled with the latest and greatest in the world of digital technology. Past keynote speakers include Chris Jennings, COO of venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins; Jill Lepore, author of the best selling book The Fault in Our Education; John Segal, co-founder of Whole Foods Market and author of The Smart Skin Care Solution; Megumi Suzuki, VP of product development at Megumi Suzuki and others. For the past four decades NY Conference on Digital Interactive Games and Entertainment (NYC DIGE) has been a pioneering event with cutting edge, industry-specific information on the cutting edge industry of games and interactive technologies. This past year’s edition brought some great additions and attendees were treated to some new face-to-face programming including two separate sessions that explored Social Media and SEO for New Businesses and exhibitors; as well as a Breakthrough panel with Jon Katzenbach, Managing Partner of Tech Nation Investments and a serial entrepreneur.

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The NY Conference on Digital Interactive Games and Entertainment was created by the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and hosted by the Empire State Building and the Museum of Arts & Design. This year’s edition will feature case studies for news media companies to use as they navigate the changing new normal of live news reporting. Along with a slate of keynote speakers with industry-leading credentials, the organizers of the year s News Tech Summit have also announced that the main event will feature an award ceremony that will recognize those companies that go beyond the accepted boundaries of the traditional media and provide a unique and engaging content through cutting-edge multimedia. The awards will be presented during the breakout session on Information Technology. Other breakout sessions that will also feature prominent speakers include the first person who founded the Electronic Gaming Privacy Association and the co-creator of the open source code that powers Internet gambling.

Last year’s edition of the NYSE featured a number of new and notable names in the technology industry and attracted a significant number of attendees. This year’s event is taking things to the next level as the main program is focused squarely on Social Media. Among the main speakers are Representatives from Facebook, Twitter and other leading social networking sites. In addition to these high profile public personalities the event is host to one of the first live webinars dedicated to the convergence of IT and the media and features a number of industry experts.

Event managers behind the conference have also noted that a number of the larger corporations in attendance at the NY Conference on Digital Interactive Games and Entertainment are utilizing new technologies in their marketing campaigns. For example, they’ve discovered that by offering the mobile application capabilities of their website to their customers they can significantly increase business. On the other hand a new product that can be found on the company’s website and allows access to business via Wi-Fi can significantly increase consumer awareness of the company. The ultimate goal for the conference is to foster industry relationships with other businesses and create greater open lines of communication and partnership between the tech and business industries. To this end the event will host a number of workshops that aim to improve communication and relationship building among the various players in the technology industry. Several workshops address issues such as how to successfully market digital technologies to the general public and how to develop new revenue streams for both existing and start up companies.

Event planning and execution will be handled by an all hands staff comprised of event professionals who specialize in a number of different fields. One of the most popular topics at the conference this year is the emerging field of news tech newsgathering. News reporters will be roaming the grounds of the event covering stories based on the trends exhibited at the event. News reporters often have a list of sources and reporters that they rely on for information. This hands on experience and direct contact with a live audience will prove invaluable to those in the news tech industry looking to promote themselves and their latest products.

The news tech news gathering at the 2007 CIO conference will utilize a variety of multimedia devices in order to capture audience reactions and to help build relationships with participants. Digital signage, handouts, conference demos and slide shows will be used to engage the audience and provide a means of promoting the latest news. An interactive Q&A session will allow attendees to ask questions and receive answers from industry veterans. Special events such as these that combine traditional media techniques with cutting edge technology are sure to be a hit next year.