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Rachelle Ferrell Concert: The Afterglow – Update

We (Tina & Jose) reserve a special place in our hearts for Rachelle Ferrell because several of her original songs were included in our “wedding dance” medley.  When we shared this with her, she understood why her presence at an Exodus To Jazz concert was so significant for us.

The following comments reflect the impact that Rachelle Ferrell had on many people.  Based on the comments we continue to receive, from people who attended the concert and those who could not but heard about it, the following comments are a small measure of the “afterglow” that lingers from her performance.


- “Let me first say thank you for bringing an all time favorite of mine.  I found out she was to appear in the Roc on that evening…I stopped everything I was doing and ordered my tickets!  My husband never heard of her…being he’s not into jazz..he joined me only to be behooved by the resilience and strength…we held hands…I cried…it felt like a celebration of love, communication and commitment.  Thanks.”

- “I believe sister Rochelle will return when her schedule and your schedule will allow it.  When we all stood up to give her a standing ovation after the first song she was surprised that happened.
Then it kept repeating…that same feeling towards her.  I believe she felt our love towards her.  Also her love towards us was felt by all…… Her band, which she brought with her, was out of sight.  I believe they felt that love from the audience also.  I also critiqued the audience behind me…and they were just in awe of her masterful performance.  I was glad to be there because normally I don’t go to concerts.  The last time I went to a concert was back in 1968 and that was when Aretha Franklin came to town.  So when she comes back…(hint)…. I will be there………you can also tell her that Curtis Watts will have another request list ready…..(smile).”

- “She was AWESOME! So Spiritual. Could not get enough. Thank you… for a memorable night.”

- “I was blown away last night.  From the very first notes, I knew it was going to be special.  I’ve never heard her live, and truthfully, had never heard of her before five years ago when I would hear her on WJZR as I drove down to Ithaca to visit my ex-fiance.  The song, “I Forgive You” was my theme song for five years until the relationship crashed and burned.  I am healed now, and can listen to her songs and apply them happily (or bittersweetly) to my life as I live it now.
You are right, I was brought to church last night!  Her performance was so intimate and I felt like I was EVERYONE’S friend, and hers.  Listening to her vocalize deep emotions and thoughts made me feel like we were both split in half and put back together, one half to the other, because what she was saying and feeling was exactly what I was feeling.
I think I want to marry her.
I’m so glad I decided to come, Jose.  She has awakened a spark in me that’s laid dormant.  When she spoke of the music being a conversation, I believed it!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved by a performance.
Also, could you let her know that I do windows and have a fetish about cleaning bathrooms to their gleaming glory?  Yes.  I know it’s weird.  But she said to live your life, and that’s just part of my life.  Why deny it?
Thanks for such a great evening,  I was emotionally exhausted when I got home.”

- “My husband and I were fortunate enough to attend Rachelle’s amazing performance last night. We grew up as fans of hip hop. I make this point so that Ms. Ferrell knows how her artistry – her gift, touches those who understand great music.  We were both so moved.  We enjoyed ourselves like never before!  Her drummer was off the chain. We definitely hope she returns to Rochester.  To the 40-something crowd she rocked us like a Tribe Called Quest.  Our heads were boppin all night and that crick in the neck that she promised we would have was worth it.  Rachelle – sista – you did your thing last night!  We hope you return.  Larry and Latasha will definitely be in attendance.”

- “Congratulations on the AMAZING, FABULOUS performance by Rachelle Ferrell, and her INSPIRING SPIRITUAL MESSAGE that rocked OVER-THE-TOP! It’s a rare performer who can reach her/his audience at such a deep spiritual level. We have you to thank for bringing her to Rochester.”

- “Friday evening with Rachelle Ferrell was magical! It was an Inspirational, Amazing experience that took my soul to a new high! That’s a phenomenal woman with a phenomenal voice! I truly enjoyed myself. Blessings to Exodus To Jazz and to Ms Rachelle Ferrell;  keep doing what you are doing!!!! . PS: Yes Hunni, we had some church up in there Friday…had me in tears!

- “Hello friend;  I put this up on my FB post the next day with a pic:
‘Rachelle Ferrell extraordinaire! Her hypnotic vocal gymnastics supersede auto-tune, lip sync or whatever else is going on out there!’
It has been awhile since Greg and I have been able to just get out and enjoy some fine music, so we were looking forward to this time out together. What we came away with cannot be put into words. Rachell is an experience…. one to be experienced, heavenly—certainly of another realm. The pics I have of her facial expressions say it all. Her speaking voice is as mesmerizing as her vocals, and to have such a personal connection on so many levels, left us deeply moved.
Jose, we enjoyed ourselves so completely, that we can overlook being seated in the wrong section despite asking twice (we did have great center seats, though :) ) and not getting an autographed poster. Seems so small in light of such a transformational evening.
Lastly, I know how rare it is to hear the words, “thank you”. What you and Tina brought to our community was a significant accomplishment, and we are proud of you. If you ever need to call on us to assist in any way, let us know. You both deserve every good thing that could come from this.”

 – “Ms. Ferrell:
Thank you for not being ashamed to be you and to share your spirituality with all. You called down more than our ancestors that evening.
Be strong and live long.”

- “This was my first time seeing Rachelle Ferrell live and let me tell u I was not disappointed. I attended the concert with my brother and 27 year old daughter. We had a ball! We all love her music. Ms Ferrell is one deep and beautiful sister. Her beauty pours in and out. She has been blessed with a wonderful gift. Plz let her know how much we enjoyed her; me and my family are waiting for her next CD. Keep up the great work Exodus is doing!”

- “She had church up in there as Dianna was saying … Thanks for a wonderful musical experience, Jose!”

– “The Rachelle Ferrell concert was FANTASTIC!!  It was likely the best concert I have ever attended!  Can you tell me the date that you are bringing Esperanza Spalding?  Please also add me to your email distribution list!  Thanks!”

Thank you…until we meet again.
Tina & Jose

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